Locomotive Gondola Spoltlight Crane Caboose
Locomotive Gondola Spotlight Crane Caboose

MOW Caboose

Made from Plastic Marx

A Kit Bashing Project

These pictures and descriptions show a kit bashing project converting a plastic Marx caboose with an Eastern U.S. styled caboose. The original car had a cupola placed in the center. Western U.S. cabooses often had the cupola offset to one end. The main work consists of cutting a section of the roof, rotating it 180 degrees and replacing that section. This type of conversion has been going on for several decades using American Flyer cabooses which also were mainly produced with the center-cupola style.

The cuts have been made.

Marx Caboose with roof cuts

The roof section has been reversed.

Caboose with reversed roof section

Now, fill in the gaps with filler putty.

fill the gaps

Apply paint to the completed body. There is plenty of opportunity to emphasize the details that Marx built into the casting. Note the trucks, wheels and marker lights.

Painted body

This is the finished car with decals applied.

Completed Caboose

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