The S-Scale Trains

Used on the RP&LC

- - Ready for Travel - -


This is one of the cases I use to carry trains to train shows. I have found that an 8-inch deep suitcase will hold three layers of trains.

Photo 1

This view shows the case in storage mode or in travel mode. I prefer the cases with wheels and extensible handles.

Photo 2

This view shows the top layer of trains. Each layer is supported and protected with a tray made from sturdy cardboard. Two-inch strips are attached to a base with hot glue. Soft foam is cut to fit the ends. Those pieces limit horizontal movement. I often cut notches in the foam to avoid contact with the couplers.

Photo 3

I also cram some odd pieces of foam on top of the cars to limit vertical movement.

Photo 4

This view shows a tray from the side. Let me know if you would like detailed construction information about the trays.


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