Legendary Greasy Tones
Tour Bus in 1:64 Scale
LGT Tour Bus - Blue Bird of Happiness
Tail Fins du jour and PT/Cruiser Front End Start with Road Champs School Bus - print decals on computer Custom-Proof Taillights ala '57 Ford
Moon Roof and Cargo Area Extra legroom in the interior
Start by removing half-top and Open the picture windows Remove side channels Remove half of front seats and all of the rear ones
To open, drill out the front rivet Drill and tap a 2-56 machine screw hole in its place The windwos provide the fin material
Check the fit Consider the PT/Cruiser As a sleek front end shape
Last look before the sacrifice New front end cut to fit The top A/C is now to be the motor scoop
Paint stripped and new front attached Use JB Weld - a strong epoxy Cut in the hood contours
Remove the rest of the side channel Fill and sand - Fill and Sand - Taillights Add a rear compartment bulkhead
Coat of primer and then fill and sand some more Keep fingers out of curing epoxy Paint is pearlescent nail polish via airbrush - lacquer thinner

And here is a similar project from the real world

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