Boy Scouts of America Railroading Merit Badge

Boy Scouts of America Railroading Merit Badge requirements.

Link to a handy workbook for the merit badge. A wookbook is not a requirement. It does make the process easy to follow.

Schultz Space Coast Trains

Schultz Space Coast Trains

Train Show held in Melbourne Florida on the first Saturday of March, June, September and December each year. Our modular club displays a working layout at each show. There are other live displays and tables of treasures for the model railroad and toy train hobby.

Glossary of North American railway terms on Wikipedia

Glossary of North American railway terms

This page contains a list of terms, jargon, and slang used to varying degrees by railfans and railroad employees in the United States and Canada. Although not exhaustive, many of the entries in this list appear from time to time in specialist, rail-related publications. Inclusion of a term in this list does not necessarily imply its universal adoption by all railfans and railroad employees, and there may be significant regional variation in usage.

Download a copy in PDF as it was on July 23, 2018
Atlantic Coast S Gaugers

Atlantic Coast S Gaugers

Baltimore Area American Flyer Club

The S Scale Herald
an online magazine service of
The Penn Western Railroad

This on-line magazine is devoted to S Scale. American Flyer has its own separate page. We welcome any contributions as this website is devoted to the advancement of model railroading in general and 1:64 modeling in particular. HO, N, and O scales are well represented in other media while S scale is largely ignored and not considered a "major" scale. We are out to dispel that notion.
American Flyer Displays

Dale Smith has just finished a complete revision of the web site. It now has over 200 pages of information.

Howard Lamey has a site with many interesting parts. This page shows the process of making a tinplate car using home tools.
It is worth a good look and is a nice complement
to the wraps and full-side decals that we can make using our computers.

Graeme Eldred has a very nice reference site for O-Gauge Trains. He uses the name "Binns Road". It is certainly worth your time to visit that site and to poke around a bit.
National Model Railroad Association Click to join TTOS-Toy Train Operating Society

Click to join TTOS-Toy Train Operating Society

Click to join MarxTrain

Click to join MarxTrain

Southern Division Train Collectors Association Handy reference for Marx Trains especially HO Scale

Visit Steve Winter's handy reference for Marx Trains - especially HO-Scale

Visit a history site for the Great Northern Railway

Visit this site for some information on the history of the Great Northern Railway

Thanks to Julie Loomis and her children's group for the information.

Train Collectors Association Paul Yorke’s S-Trains and S-Scale Home Visit a history site for several railroads

Visit this site for information on the history of Texas railroads and some other interesting subjects. My thanks to Nathan & Brittney"

Handy Layout Plans including Micro Layouts Good ideas including Electronics Projects Marx Tilt Coupler

The silicon underground is Dave Farquhar's blog: Marx couplers explained. Marx made five different types of couplers between 1934 and 1974. If you've never seen Marx couplers explained, here's how to identify and use them together.

More very nice small layout plans
San Diego S-Gaugers

Dave also has an essay on repair of Marx Reverse Units.

"When it comes to Marx repairs, the reverse unit is the end of the innocence. Motor repairs are rather easy; reverse unit repair can be as hard as you want it to be."

Carolwood Pacific Historical Society Understanding Model Train Maintenance

A Handy Reference by Sean Spencer
Yahoo Groups are free. They provide a way to converse with other list members and to share photos, ideas, experiences, opinions and other clubby stuff with like-minded folks.

If you join one and don't like it,
you can always leave it.
All Aboard Fasttrackers - A system of squares for trains
These folks are active in Southern California. They have a design for 20-inch square modules that way only about 6 pounds. The system is very flexible. It allows for O-Gauge trains, of course, and for other gauges as well to be tucked into spaces on the squares.
This site includes a collection of articles about the hobby and parts of it. Worth a browse or two. Thanks to Shane and Molly for pointing it out.
An interesting essay on the history of American Railroads.

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