Critter Gallery

Scale Models based on the small diesel switchers from

the H K Porter Company, Davenport, Plymouth and others

Small switchers powered by internal combustion engines are often called "critters" in the commercail press. I suppose some hobbyists and rail fans do so as well and have adopted the name. Some of the models pictured here are based on general design concepts rather than any specific prototype. Contributor Brad Smith has pointed out that they all have front radiators and would therefore not really require roof fans. Athearn used some of the designs from their larger EMD diesel switchers for the elements on the tops of the hoods. Lionel carried that forward for their HO Husky locos since those models were made from modified Athearn molds. Then, Lionel used very similar architecture on their O-Scale critters. The very slightly larger Marx shells also borrowed some of the concepts including two fans and the front radiator. Since the Model Power shells used the Marx molds, we see a lot of similarity among all of these models.

There is some good information about these critters on the following page: Prototype Information on Critters
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  Putt S-Scale  


Custom decorated Hustler - Left Side

Silver Hustler Number 58

Yellow Hustler Number 60

Custom decorated Hustler - Nose
This image shows the early dummy headlight housing. It is partly above the top of the hood and is not punched through into the motor area.

Custom decorated Hustler - Right Side

Custom decorated Hustler - Rear showing difficult entry for the operators

Athearn Hustler Black Number 56

Athearn Hustler Black Number 56 w/custom painted Window Shade

Athearn Hustler Red 57

George Bollinger: Here is my favorite Hustler with the snow plow accessory

The very scarce Allied Chemical Hustler. Special run

George Bollinger: Original Hustler Yellow Box

Randy Volskay: Here is the later bronze Hustler.

Glenn Sanders 6101 Yellow Box Label

Athearn Hustler in Rio Grande Livery. To my knowledge, this scheme was the only one Athearn made with a prototype railroad name, other than special runs for fund raising.

Athearn Original Underside - Plain

Athearn Underside With Letters

Athearn Underside - Later

Van B Campbell: Custom Switcher set for a tie treatment plant on my layout!

Van Campbell Custom Switcher pair, another view

Custom Made Hustler Calf and Cow
Mike Sloane made this pair. The electrical systems are interconnected so that the combination has all-wheel pickup. His original intent was to complete the interior of the one with the cab - I guess that is the Cow part.

Custom Made Switcher
Jerry Cramer: It’s done. I kit bashed Two Athearn Hustlers together to make my fantasy center cab. It is mounted on an Athearn Blue Box SW1200.

Custom Made Double Hustler Switcher
‎PJ Kubiak posted these pix on Budget Model Railroading:
FeF this is a blue box 'special' built by my long past friend Tom Mohn of Ardmore, PA. 2 Hustlers on a switcher frame. He put this together in '79 or '80

Custom Made Double Hustler Switcher



Lionel M ST L w/o snowplow number 0055

Dust is free - horns are missing
If you know of a source of the metal Lionel horns in HO size, please contact me and let me know. PS Seller closeouttrains1 on eBay has them.

Shows the frame from Athearn, motor from (perhaps) Mantua and the plastic label plate. This is a later version when the motor had gears rather than neoprene belts.

Lionel Husky Union Pacific number 0057

Note the details that match the Athearn shell

Lionel Husky Nose - A Little Worse for Wear

Lionel Husky Rock Island number 0058

Underside Missing the Lionel Nameplate

Lionel Rock Island Nose

Lionel Husky 0059 USAF Minuteman

The other side of a Minuteman



Some of the Marx Versions on the Number 10 Industrial Switcher
There are more including a gray number 10 and a blue & gray number 10
Also, there were three produced inspired by prototype livery

For more information visit Steve Winter's handy reference for Marx Trains - especially HO-Scale

Marx New Haven variety 1 number 1621

Marx New Haven variety 2 number 1621

Marx Rock Island number 1962

Marx Blue and Gray from Steve Winter's Site

Marx Blue number 10

Marx Green number 10

Marx Bottom - View of Mechanism


Model Power

Model Power Southern Railway 6707

Model Power Nose - Good match for Marx

Model Power Union Pacific number 96713 w/Cab 270

Model Power Chessie System

Model Power Nose - Chessie System

Model Power bottom view of the Mechanism

Model Power Models

Packages - Two Styles

Model Power Burlington Northern 6706

Model Power BN

Model Power Pennsylvania 96709

Model Power Pennsy

Model Power Southern Pacific 6708

Model Power 6705 Santa Fe

Model Power Amtrak 6711

Model Power Amtrak w/knuckle couplers

Model Power The backside of Amtrak

Model Power Canadian National

Model Power CN Front Grille

Model Power CN Safety Orange Back


Putt Trains - S-Scale

From the collection of Bruce Weidner
Side view with a clear shot of the roof
- used by permission -

From the collection of Bruce Weidner
The two locos in the background are modern production American Flyer by Lionel - Pacific and Mikado
- used by permission -

From the collection of Bruce Weidner
Nose Detail - Bruce added the engineer- used by permission -

From the collection of Dean Hall
Putt Critter Right Side View - used by permission -

From the collection of Dean Hall
Putt Critter 3/4 view - used by permission -

From the collection of Dean Hall
underside view showing the drive mechanism - used by permission -

From the collection of Dean Hall
Putt Critter Top View Horns and Stacks - used by permission -

From the collection of Dean Hall
Putt Critter Rear 3/4 View - used by permission -

There is some good information about these critters on the preceeding page: Prototype Information on Critters


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