The S-Size, Dual-Gauge Zilwaukee

Okeechobee and Tremungus

- - Plywood Plains - The Table Top - -

Left End - City area Left Rear - The start of the mountain
Left End
This view is the cleanest it will ever be. Plywood had been screwed in place to the underlying benchwork. The plywood sheets are joined to their neighbors with full-width pieces underneath. Those joints are glued and screwed. I used thin material for the table top. The additional thickness provided by the connector pieces may help with noise reduction. It has been a lot of years since I last made a layout using sectional track. All of the O-gauge and some of the S-gauge track is sectional. So, instead of an open grid approach, the entire table top is covered with plywood.
Left Rear
Here you can see the fascia as it curves past the corner. There will be removable access hatches distributed around the plywood plains to assist in laying track and in maintenance. The helix inside of the mountain will be supported by vertical sticks and some track clips. The inside will be another access hatch, but, with no lift-off cover. The top of the mountain will be a removable cap. That cap will be home to scenery and a train loop in a smaller scale to provide a little forced perspective.
Right Rear - The mining town Right End - The waterfront
Right Rear
The track in this area will be a several levels. The lower level will be home to much of the S-gauge track and the extreme end of one O-gauge loop. The upper level will be the minig town and a reversing loop of O-gauge track. Trains will come from the town, through the helix in the mountain and emerge up here to be loaded. The pile of blue foam is waiting its chance to become scenery. The plywood plains are sitting under that blue stuff just as if it was a glacier.
Right End
This part of the layout will be home to the water front. There will be a couple of loops of S-gauge track, a car ferry and a supporting yard. The center of the right end will be a turning basin for Lake traffic. That multi-gauge test track setup is still looking for a good place to wait it chance to provide service. The pile of temporary track supports will be assisting with the work to construct the helix.

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