The S-Size, Dual-Gauge Zilwaukee

Okeechobee and Tremungus

- - Benchwork - -

The Shed as Delivered

The shed is pre-fab building installed on a prepared, gravel pad and anchored with some huge augurs for hurricane protection. Those of us in Florida are envious of people with basements or garages in more temperate climates. This thing is roughly 14 feet wide by 20 feet long. Watching the workers maneuever it into position along the dirt road and through the winding and tree-lined driveway was a hoot. In the background is a corner of the pond. That tells us what we need to know about the water table. During the rainy season, the level is higher.

Benches and Raw Backdrop - East Side

After the shed was delivered, I built some steps in front and arranged for power, lighting and A/C. Then, I built some shelves above where the layout will be, insulated the whole thing and put up interior paneling and trim. The final step in the infrastructure was the flooring. That stuff is plastic tiles that snap together. They are designed for garage flooring, provide a little more insulation and resist paints, glues and the other things I will certainly spill.

Benches and Raw Backdrop - Center

This view shows the back side of the benches and the piles of clutter that make construction so exciting. The far corners are curved hard-board. Some is Masonite and some is scraps of paneling. The straight parts of the backdrop are foam-core. It is easy to cut with a sharp knife and is light weight - a fact much appreciated by my old back.

Benches and Raw Backdrop - West Side

Here is the third side showing a bit less clutter and the basic benchwork. I used L-girders made from dimensional lumber and supported by 2x2 legs. Before assembling the benches, I cut holes for routing the wires. Even with the storage shelves above, I will need a lot of storage below. With boxes, bins and me going in and out, I want to be sure the wires ar out of the way.

The next steps are to paint the backdrop blue, add clouds and the backdrop panels, main wiring and the lights. I want to get all of this infrastructure out of the way before I put surfaces on the benches. It is a little tough to wait for the trains, but, it will be worth it. Getting this work out of the way will save a lot of time and effort in the long run.

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