Dole Plantation

Pineapple Express

- - 2-foot gauge train ride - -

The Dole Plantation is an attraction on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. It includes a very large maze, the ever-present souvenir store and the Pineapple Express train ride. This train is a 2-foot gauge, operating railroad featuring diminutive (one could say minature) locomotives and passenger cars. The engines are steam-outline locomotives powered by diesel prime movers. The track is arranged n a loop-to-loop configuration with spring-switches at the loop conections.

The two engines that were operating during our visit did not have names nor numbers that I could see. I suspect that the yellow engine is the one referred to as "Pineapple Express" on the Dole Plantation web site. The red engine may well be the engine referred to as "Lady Liberty". You will find some of the descriptive details supplied on the Dole Plantaion website repeated here, near the pictures.

I have included these trains in the Modern Steam section because they do have the appearance of steamers and they are consistent with the tourist road philosophy of the others.

Here is some descriptive material as found on the Dole Plantation website. Visit that site at the following link:

Pineapple Express Train

The Pineapple Express train tour is a two-mile, 20 minute train ride that is fun and exciting for everyone. It is a fully narrated train tour, educational and very informative. Along the route, you'll learn about the history of the pineapple, the agriculture in Hawaii and hear the story of James Dole, who pioneered the pineapple industry in Hawaii. You'll travel through a working plantation, and you'll see a variety of other crops, often including plants in early stages of growth and fields under preparation for planting. World famous Naleo Pilimehana provide the narration and music. You'll also see some of the most beautiful scenery on the North Shore. Tickets can be purchased directly at our ticket booth at Dole Plantation.

Yellow Engine

Pineapple Express???

Standard drive system Diesel Hydraulic

Gauge 24" (610mm)

Minimum radius 40 feet (12 metres)

Maximum gradient pulling

four fully laden coached 3%

Coach Seating capacity 21 adults each

Train capacity with four coaches 84 adults

Minimum rail weight 12 lb/yard - 6kg/metre

Red Engine

Lady Liberty???

Engine 80 HP diesel fueled engine

Track Gauge 24"

Minimum Track Curve Radius 50 feet

Maximum Recommended Grade 3%

Coach Seating Capacity 21 Adults

28 Children

Weight 11,600 lbs

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