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Larger size paintings - mostly 16 by 20 canvas

Steamer Scotland Smaller on Masonite - Have to start somewhere
Baby Turtle
Tiger Lily
Winter Owl
Heliconia Front Yard
Moonrise 2013 - Started out as Sunset - Who knew?
Drive Wheels from a Rebuilt Porter Loco - 36x24
Snorkel Fish 12 x 23
Potted Orchid 11 x 14
Lightning Strike 20 x 16
Birches 12 x 36
Cut River Bridge 20 x 16
Lighthouse 20 x 24

Small size sketches - Just over 5 inches tall mostly and on Masonite panels

These paintings are mostly done to practice before tackling a larger one on canvas.

Pierce Arrow
Fun Turtle
Mountain and Lake
Owl Eyes
Royal Poinciana
American Flyer 3207
American Flyer 3216
American Flyer 3208
American Flyer 3211
American Flyer 3210
American Flyer Steam Loco
American Flyer Train on the Wall
Tiger Lily Sketch
7x15 Snorkel Fish Sketch
Tree Sketch - 5x8
8x5 Tree Sketch
Tree Sketch - 5x7
Three Seasonal pictures of some birch trees each 4 1/2 by 16 - mounted together on an 18 x 20 board painted with enamel

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